Squad Leader 101

Welcome to Squad Boot Camp: Squad Leader 101.  Here we will be discussing the basics of taking on the role of squad leader. As a squad leader you are responsible for ensuring that both your squad and your team are being supplied with all of the necessary information and resources to complete the objectives and ultimately win the war. A good squad leader can quickly shift the momentum in any battle. Though challenging, and oftentimes stressful, in the end you will find that the success or failure of your team will be a result of a squad leader’s ability to lead and to properly fulfill his or her duties. While this may sound overwhelming, we’re here to show you that it’s not as intimidating as you might think!

Quality communication and information relay is critical to a team’s success on the battlefield. As a squad leader, facilitating this information exchange is one of your core responsibilities. You will relay information to your squad and your team through placing markers on the map, marking critical targets on the HUD, and by communicating directly and effectively with the other squad leaders. In Squad, the primary method of communicating with your squad apart from voice communication, is to place markers for your teammates to see on the map. In order to place markers on your map for your Squad to see, you’ll want to first open your map by pressing “Enter.” Once open, right click on the map and you will see a variety of options for marker types. This option is only available to Squad Leaders. If you wish to place markers on your HUD, without having to go through the radial menu, simply hold “T” while looking at the object you want to mark. The options for marking using this method are rather limited, but can still be effectively used to relay information.

Equally, if not more, important as placing markers for your squad is voice communication with other squad leaders on your team. You can use the command channel provided in game with the “G” key to speak with all of the other squad leaders simultaneously. Squad also provides an option to talk to individual squad leaders outside of this channel. In order to do this, you will want to use the NUMPAD on your keyboard, pressing the number that corresponds to the squad number you wish to speak to. If you are not sure who you are communicating with, you can look in the bottom left hand corner of your HUD. If you see a red icon you are talking in the command channel, to other squad leaders. A purple icon is for individual squad leaders.

Now that we’ve covered communication and information relay, let’s discuss the other role of a Squad Leader, resource allocation. As a squad leader, you need to ensure that your team is receiving a steady supply of resources when needed. Typically, you will be building spawn points including rally points and HESCO bunkers, which we will refer to as a HAB.

A rally point is a temporary spawn location that can be placed almost anywhere on the map. A rally point cannot be placed within 50m of an enemy, and are only available for deployment every 120 seconds. A rally point used during an assault on an enemy’s position will prove invaluable, as it will allow your squad (and only your squad) to rapidly deploy onto a single location in an effort to overwhelm an enemy. To deploy a rally point you need to have at least 1 additional squad member close to you. When you’ve reached your desired location for a rally point, hold down the “T” key and choose “Deploy Rally” on the top right segment of the radial menu. Make sure to hide your rally points, as an enemy player walking nearby will automatically destroy the rally point.

A HAB must be deployed in a Forward Operating Base (FOB). To find out if you are within range of an FOB, you can see icons in the top left corner of your screen. These icons will show the amount of construction points that are available to you. In order to build a US or Russian HAB you will need 500 construction points. A militia HAB costs 400, and an insurgent HAB costs 300 points. Once a FOB is located and built, you can deploy a HAB by holding down the “T” key and navigating to ‘Deployables, technical structures, and finally HAB (Spawn Bunker). Release the “T” key and left click to deploy the HAB in the selected location. Once deployed, your teammates need to use their shovels to build up the structure. Once completed, all team members will be able to spawn on the HAB.

We’ve now covered the basics of being a squad leader, and hopefully provided you with enough information to get started.  I also hope that his article was able to help alleviate some of that fear or apprehension you’ve possibly felt about taking on such a role.  While it may seem like a lot of information, practicing these skills in-game will only improve your knowledge, awareness, and skills as a leader. If you’re looking to become a squad leader in a highly organized, competitive setting within a public server, click the link below to receive more information on Conscripted Combat, a weekly event that’s a one of a kind experience!  See you on the battlefield soldier!

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