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Hi, I am your Squad host Gmonnay and I'd like to tell you about an

amazing squad experience

Hi! My name is Gmonnay, but you can call me G. Over the last few months I have been playing Squad in a weekly event known as Conscripted Combat, and to say the least it’s been awesome! Maybe you’re tired of the typical public server experience of Squad. Maybe you have been feeling that “competitive itch” but can’t commit to practicing day after day to grind your way to the top of a league. Maybe you’ve just heard people talking about this event and want to see what the hype is about. Or maybe you’re just looking for a unique experience, where everyone playing in the server is putting on their best pair of try pants and doing everything that they can to win. Conscripted Combat provides an unparalleled experience within the game of Squad, with only minimal preparation needed from most players involved!

Sound good? Well, let's talk about

How It Works

Every week we host a battle where two commanders have been matched up and bring their strategy/style to combat one another with a few squad leads and the help of our community.

Anyone can join, squad lead, or command and issue a challenge. The guide below will help players understand what’s going on and set up any commanders with what they need to play.

Though these are just guidelines (commanders can agree to whatever conditions they want so long as they include the public) there are a few necessary requirements in order to participate.

Requirements before the battle can commence

  • Fill out the application
  • A published agreement with the opposing Commander in our Discord
    • The #booking-events channel is where we settle the terms of battle for all to see
  • Do the above at least one week before the event
    • We want every Commander to have at least 7 days to prepare. We need the time to promote the fight as well.
Don’t forget the nature of the event!

The Core of it all

  • It is a test of your ability to lead random people to victory
  • Things going wrong simulate the chaos of war
  • It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and/or recruits
  • Communicate, never give up, have fun!
You can alter these, but these define the core

Default Rules

  • You will be playing just one side of a map per event
    • Our goal is to limit the event to two hours or less (the time limit for one round)
  • Your Commander and Squad Leaders must always be on the same team and can not connect to the other team nor spectate
    • We want to keep the match as fair and competitive as possible
  • Kicking someone from the other team will result in an immediate forfeit loss (but the match can play on).  You may kick players from your team without consequence (beyond undermining your ability to win)
    • You can control troublemakers and players who do not listen or act appropriately
  • You must limit your preparation strategy to being known only by your Commander and authorized Squad Leaders, and teammates – do not “leak” the plan to anyone
    • Sharing any part of the plan with the opposing team is strictly prohibited: “Loose lips sink ships”
  • Clan-affiliated players are limited to 7 persons per clan if you are not the commanding/leading clan
    • We want to leave plenty of room for unaffiliated players and smaller clans to participate.
  • The clan leading each side is limited to 12 players from their own clan at a time on the server
    • We do not want the commanding team to stack their side and make it a one-sided stomp while also leaving plenty of room for unaffiliated players.  This also is meant to be a test of your leadership ability.
  • Violating any of our rules may result in your clan being banned from our server and future events
    • We are a toxic-free organization and want to create the best environment possible!
  • Immediately following each event, we host a short After-Action-Review (AAR) with everyone who participated.  You are highly encouraged to join us in Discord for it!
    • One of our goals is to raise the performance bar in Squad and we do that by learning from each event.
Commanders can change the default rules


Commanders can agree to alter these rules and play by different ones so long as there is clear, written agreement from both sides in the #booking-events channel in RGN Discord. Otherwise these rules will serve as the default agreement for Conscripted Combat.

A history of changes to this page


  • February 4 2019: v1.1
    • Added version number to document header
    • Added changelog
    • Added mention of requiring data 4 days before the event
    • Added technical tips
  • February 5 2019: v1.2
    • Added “exception” rule clarity
  • February 16 2019: v1.3
    • Significantly shortened requirements section (they are now in the form)
    • Made web version and put it in to the “about” page on the site
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