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Hi, I'm dox, join me for a paragraph or two to read about our

ongoing journey with squad

Hiya!  I’m dox and it’s story time: a while back we kicked off this thing we call “Conscripted Combat” (you can read more about it here and you can read the back story here) which was all about delivering (and receiving!) a fantastic Squad experience with strangers.  As time went on we ended up playing with different formats and listening to those that have been actively showing up and supporting and experimenting with us.  Today we find ourselves having had a fantastic time and starting to wrap up a three month season (second one!) of our games.  The folks that have been showing up have been getting along better than most others we’ve seen in the Squad scene so we allowed the original events to morph over time to include more clan participation.  We aren’t done with Conscripted Combat, but we’ve realized that what we’re playing now is a little bit different.  Read on for more!

Like it so far? Yes? Great! Here's:

How It Kicks Off

Every week we host a battle where two commanders have been matched up and bring their strategy/style to combat one another with a few squad leads and the help of our community.

Anyone can join, squad lead, or command and issue a challenge. The guide below will help players understand what’s going on and set up any commanders with what they need to play.

Though these are just guidelines (commanders can agree to whatever conditions they want so long as they include the public) there are a few necessary requirements in order to participate.

Requirements before the battle can commence

  • Fill out the application
  • A published agreement with the opposing Commander in our Discord
    • The #booking-events channel is where we settle the terms of battle for all to see
  • Do the above at least one week before the event
    • We want every Commander to have at least 7 days to prepare. We need the time to promote the fight as well.
Don't forget the nature of the event!

The Core of it all

  • It is a test of your ability to lead groups of people
  • Things going wrong simulate the chaos of war
  • Communicate, never give up, have fun!

We’re keeping it pretty clean and simple for the remainder of Season 2 (ends in March), there’s some general guidelines but no hard rules beyond taking responsibility for the strategy and having a good time working/playing together!

The next battle commences in

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