Finding some teammates

So, you've decided that you'd like to try this out?

There's 3 ways to play

  • Commanders
  • Squad Leaders
  • Everyone else

Anyone can join, you do not have to be part of a clan (but you can be too)

Do you want an interesting game full of teamwork?

Conscripted Players

The concept behind Conscripted Combat requires a great amount of participants that wish to coordinate with others and play the objective.  Joining one of our events is open to everyone, all you have to do is connect and play – you will be provided a Squad Leader who is coordinated with others under the plan made earlier by a Commander.  These are roles that you can also take on for other events, until you do, please keep in mind:

  • You’re going to be asked to do stuff by a Squad Leader
  • If you are undermining the teams efforts you will be removed and your spot taken up by the next person in the queue
  • Our queues hit the ‘teens’ so connect early, you can see the countdown to the event on our front page
  • Set your squad up for success!  This is an event for people that love team work
Want a little bit more responsibility?

Squad Leaders

Being a Squad Leader is the next level of involvement which many find as exhilarating as they do rewarding!  You will be responsible for a group and receive specific tasks from your commander and/or fellow Squad Leaders.  You are also likely going to work with the Commander before the event in order to help them come up with an approach and understanding between the leaders.  There’s a few things we ask:

  • Be a good leader: use that microphone, respect your squad members (they are welcome to leave/switch/etc any time), don’t rage
  • Teach: your squad may have completely new players in it that have never played in organized fashion before.  You will repeat yourself!
The ultimate experience


Commanders call the shots, they select their Squad leaders and are responsible for the strategy employed throughout the match.  We provide some examples of strategies that you can copy and adapt, or, you can create your own: we look forward to seeing many more!  A Commander will be scheduled by Rebound staff and given whatever resources and coaching they would like in order to set up the battle for success.

  • We aim to provide a pool of Squad Leaders where we can but it is encouraged to bring your own
  • These events are the antithesis to ‘clan stacking’.  Clans are required to distribute themselves as evenly as possible between squads.
  • There is a chaotic element to playing the game this way.  Players disconnecting or screwing up simulates this chaos, so be prepared to have things go against your plan!
Ready to play in the battle?

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You’ve read about it all and now you’re ready to join as a Commander?  Fill out the form below so we can anticipate you and then join us in Discord to get started.


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