Squad Strategy Kohat Toi AAS V2 Russian

Fire superiority – that’s the name of the game in this strategy.

Kohat Toi AAS v2/Russian

A word from the author: cc//The 100th President

The main priority for success in this plan is the establishment of a Southern firebase for support – and ultimately, its survival and success becomes crucial for victory. With vast sightlines for the Kornet Anti-Tank Missile at the top of the hill, and four separate MG emplacements below it, the firebase squad is able to support all other infantry advancements across the map. It will also help to redirect, repel, and reject the opponent’s supply and logistics, as well as any other vehicle support, armored or otherwise, hindering their ability to assault and secure the middle objective – which would be Darbond in this case. All other infantry squads will either play defensively on Bahadur Proper, or on Darbond once it is secured. This forces the enemy to engage on our terms and on our objectives, exposing themselves to the firebase – essentially sending the lambs to slaughter.

Opening moves

The Roll Out

BLUE: Will take a MTLB from main and handle a majority of the backups (Sarozai and Bahadur Hill) by dropping single soldiers that will hide and cap. The rest of the squad will then support the main assault and secure force (YELLOW) at Darbond. Upon arriving on Darbond, will establish defensive perimeter around the South-East side of the objective and hold.

YELLOW: Will take a LOGI from main and head directly for Darbond, making sure to leave the LOGI in the river for the moment, as they sweep through and secure the area. Once ready, and supported by BLUE, will establish an FOB on Darbond. When BLUE arrives on point, will hold the North-Western approach.

GREEN: Will take a LOGI and 30MM from Main, and head for the point at Bahadur Proper. The squad will split at the crossroads outside of Proper, sending the BTR up on the hill as marked to support both BLUE and YELLOW on Darbond. The rest of the squad will establish the defensive FOB on Proper and hold.

RED: Will take a LOGI and 30MM from Main and head for the firebase location as marked (also reference the above images for reference on emplacement placements.) They will establish the support FOB and provide fire downriver toward the enemy Main and first two objectives, as well as firing up toward Darbond, hoping to stall the enemy assault.

Phase 2

Radio and Emplacements

The hard numbers

Notes & Timings

Green Squad

Maximum of 1:30 seconds to get to objective for defensive fob.

Blue Squad
Maximum of 4:23 seconds to get to objective for assault, give or take -30s to a min cause of trying to navigate and crashing.

Yellow Squad

Maximum of 2:40 seconds to get to assault position.

Red Squad

Maximum of 1:40 seconds to get to fire support position.

Overall Timings (Courtesy of Kimuran)

Russian Side
2 Wheeled IFV
1 Wheeled APC
1 Tracked IFV
1 Tracked APC
1 Tracked Jeep
3 Logistics
1 Transport

4 Mins to get to Chakar Kot (If coming from West Road of point)
3 Mins 30 Sec to Chakar Kot (If coming from South Road of Point)
2 Mins to get to Sarozai
1 Min 10 Sec to get Bahadur Proper
1 Min 5 Sec Bahadur Outskirts
2 Mins Syed Abad

British Side
2 Warriors (Tracked IFV)
3 Shit Boxes (Tracked Jeeps)
1 Transport
3 Logistics

1 Min Jouzara Proper – Take Southern Road
1 Min 30 Secs Ambar Banda Bridge – Take Southern Road
1 Min 45 Sec Syed Abad – Take West Road
2 Mins Thirah Upper – Take West\Nwest
3 Mins Chakar Kot – Take West\Nwest

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