Squad Strategy Tallil Outskirts AAS V1 US

Crossing the desert can be made to be difficult..

Tallil Outskirts AAS v1 / US

Tickets are the most important thing in the game and the majority of ticket loss does not have anything to do with flags. Unless you are able to take all enemy bases and mercy bleed them, focus should be placed on how to best position yourself to inflict damage to your enemy’s ticket count while minimizing your own.

The strategy I chose to accomplish this is best described as Turtling

I feel that Turtling is a viable strategy for US on this map because:

  1. Large open areas between points on this map with little cover make it much easier to defend than attack
  2. The two US bases that would be contested after the middle point are extremely easy to defend and are already good positions for FOBs.
    • Gas Station is a 1 minute logi drive from US Main. This makes it easy to “superfob” as well as makes reinforcing it or recapping it very easy.
    • Ali Air Base has incredible vision over the middle area of the map and is surrounded by wide open desert making it extremely difficult for the enemy to approach without being seen. 2 FOBs can comfortably fit in Ali Air Base giving you 2 TOWs, 8 HMGs, and 4 Mortars.
    • Vision. With proper positioning the US can see where any vehicle leaving RU Main is going and react accordingly. Turtling frees up some resources that would normally be attacking. We used these resources as roaming units who were able to react to the information we gained from having superior vision.

Strategy made by: cc||Marco, cc/SIL3NT_R34P3R, cc/DFlit, cc//FifthYangPro, cc//Gareth, BetaGotBack, Nugunswheels

The pieces at play

Squad Breakdown

  1. Air Base Squad
    • Will be setting up and maintaining two FOBs at Ali Air Base. Their objective at Air Base is to overwatch the two middle points on the map as well as identify and engage enemy armor with their two TOW emplacements.
    • Responsible for watching the West flank and must have adequate vision to ensure no enemies can approach from the West flank without being seen.
    • Will have up to 4 mortars that will be able to hit the entire middle area as well as the open area between Gas Station and Abandoned Soviet Base.
    • A dedicated Logi runner will be needed for this squad to supply their FOBs
  2. Gas Station Squad
    • Will be setting up and maintaining a defensive FOB at Gas Station. Their objective at Gas Station is to defend the point.
    • Will have a TOW on the roof of the two story building in the NW of town with vision of vehicles leaving RU main.
    • Will also have two mortars which will be able to impede any enemy assault over the open ground into Gas Station.
    • Will be working closely with the armor squad on the bridge North of Gas Station and will assist them with setting up a FOB on the bridge once Gas Station is secure.
    • A dedicated Logi runner will be needed for this squad to supply their FOB and the bridge FOB once it is set up.
  3. Roaming Squad
    • Will start by assisting Air Base Squad on the Air Base Eastern FOB after which it will react to enemy movements on the battlefield by either raiding enemy weak spots or assisting Squads in defense.
    • This squad will have an APC to assist them in hit-and-run maneuvers and allow them to roam the map more effectively and better respond to enemy movements.
  4. Armor Squad(s) (squad may be broken up further into individual vehicle squads to better allow vehicles to coordinate with any other squad autonomously)
    • Will be responsible for monitoring enemy movement on the North side of the map, ideally by holding the bridge North of Gas Station and using the Abrams gunner position which allows them to see across the entire map from the bridge, giving vision of all vehicles moving out of RU main.
    • Will be assisting the other squads with vehicle support as needed.
    • May also have a Marksman whose role would be to scout from the rocks North of Hangars and provide information of enemy movements from the North side of the middle bases.
  5. Commander Squad
    • Only has the Commander in it.
    • After rollout, Commander will be a dedicated Logi runner from Main to the Depot FOB and will be able to watch his map and coordinate his squads at all times.
    • Keeps track of enemy vehicle respawn timings
    • Having a Commander as his own Squad and in a role where he is able to constantly look at his map allows him to focus on the entire battlefield and coordinate the game at a higher level than if they had to lead a whole Squad.
    • Hearing only Squad Leader Chat is extremely useful in allowing clear and effective communication to the Commander and allows the Commander to ensure all Squad Leaders are informed of important information and are reacting appropriately.
Opening moves

The Roll Out

  1. Air Base Squad (1 Logi)
    • Squad takes Logi to Air Base Western FOB location and beings setting up FOB. TOW is extremely high priority and should be placed and manned immediately. After dropping off supplies the Logi will do one supply run to Main after which he will do supply runs from the Depot FOB to the Air Base FOBs.
  2. Gas Station Squad (1 Logi)
    • Squad takes Logi to Gas Station and begins setting up FOB. TOW on the roof of the 2nd story building is an extremely high priority and should be placed and manned immediately.
  3. Roaming Squad (1 APC)
    • One squad member drives the APC to Ali Air Base while the others load into the Commander’s Logi and head to Air Base since the Logi is faster. Logi stops at Depot FOB location for SL and two squad members to jump out and place a radio and then get back in. Logi drops the squad off at Eastern Air Base FOB location and they set up and man the FOB until Air Base Squad is ready to man both FOBs. Again, TOW is extremely high priority and should be placed and manned immediately.
  4. Armor Squad (1 Abrams, 1 Bradley, 1 MRAP)
    • SL will take Abrams to the bridge North of Gas Station and begin overwatch of the area North of the middle bases. Must watch for Russian push from North of the bridge as the bridge serves as a great vantage point for any team and RU will likely be sending armor there as well. A Bradley should be hiding in a position to attack any RU armor advancing from the North.
    • Squad members not in the Abrams or Bradley will take an MRAP to Abandoned Soviet Base with the intention of slowing down the enemy team and taking as many tickets from them as they can. LAT/HAT hiding in areas to take out enemy vehicles is recommended. This will impede enemy progress as well as give us an idea of what kind of forces the enemy is committing to Soviet Base. More importantly, this will give the enemy the impression that we are interested in Soviet Base and that they have foiled our plans. This will make them commit forces to defend Soviet Base as well as make them believe they’ve caught us off guard and may make them recklessly continue their push to Gas Station.
  5. Commander Squad (1 Logi)
    • Commander will take his Logi with the Roaming Squad’s members and stop at the Depot FOB for them to place the radio. He will then drive the squad to Air Base Eastern FOB location for them to place a radio. Once radio is down and supplies are dropped the Commander will begin doing Logi runs from Main to the Depot FOB.
The really important pieces

Key Points

Let RU have the Abandoned Soviet Base and DO NOT attempt to capture it.

This is absolutely critical in ensuring a decisive ticket victory.

By giving the enemy this base and deciding not to attack it we get the following advantages:

  • The enemy is forced to cross a vast desert with little cover in order to mount any kind of assault from their bases. Enemy attacks will be extremely costly and will result in large ticket losses.
  • Our FOBs will be closer to our Main than the RU FOBs are to theirs. This means they are faster to resupply and easier to defend. Logi routes are very secure.
  • The flanks an enemy can attack our FOBs from are very small. It will be very easy to get vision on these areas for advance warning of enemy movements.
  • The enemy is forced to allocate significant resources to defend the entire middle area of the map.
  • By not committing any forces to an assault on the middle bases we are able to use those resources in other ways.

Q: What about the tickets the enemy will get for taking Soviet Base?

  • AAS no longer has ticket bleed unless all flags are captured. (Mercy bleed)
  • Flags give a team +20 tickets when captured from neutral.
  • They give a team +30 tickets and the enemy team -30 tickets when a flag is captured from the enemy team.
  • There are 7 points on this map, assuming each team gets their closest 3 flags, giving the enemy the center flag only results in them having a 20 ticket advantage.

A: The advantages we gain in positioning and having the fight on our terms far outweigh the 20 tickets we are letting the other team have.

How well can you see?

Winning the vision game

  • Turtling lends itself well to a more reactive playstyle which requires prompt and effective information about enemy movements.
  • From our defensive positions we identified 3 key positions that are able to view vehicles coming out of RU main. From our TOW on Ali Air Base, from our TOW on Gas Station, and from our Abrams on the bridge North of Gas Station.
  • These locations were able to give us information on any direction the enemy vehicles were to take out of their main base and respond accordingly.
  • A Marksman can also hide in the rocks North of Abandoned Soviet Base to give even more accurate information on enemy movements. This is also to counter the enemy pushing South from a potential West Al-Khidir FOB without us knowing.
If they overextend: make them pay

exploit enemy positions

  • One reason for giving up Abandoned Soviet Base was that having to defend it would cause our forces to overextend and would create large exposed flanks that the enemy could take advantage of.
  • Because we force the enemy to take these points, they are now the ones with large exposed flanks and overextended forces that we are in perfect position to exploit.
  • One of our squads will be a roaming squad whose main purpose is to assault weak points when they are identified.
  • For example, enemy pushes East out of the middle bases to assault Gas Station and Ali Air Base Squad does not see any enemy vehicles on the West side => Roaming squad infiltrates Hangars from the West and digs up an enemy radio and/or gains intel on enemy locations for mortar squads.
Some sample placements

FOB Examples

The most effective positions for emplacements on these FOBs may change depending on how your game is playing out. These are examples of how some emplacements were set up on our planned FOBs.

Ali Air Base FOB

Gas Station FOB


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